Our Mini Industrial Actuator - High Force, Compact Body

Our Mini Industrial Actuator - High Force, Compact Body

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Guest Writer
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If you have an application that requires a small, rugged, and powerful mini electric linear actuator, look no further. Our PA-09 Mini Industrial Actuator comes in a deceptively small package but it is powerful for its size. If your application is of routine precision process automation, or it is an experimental autonomous robot that has a limitation of installation space but requires significant power, then PA-09 might just be the right actuator for you. Take a look at its specifications to see the amount of power this compact small actuator can generate, with accuracy and speed! This actuator is designed to be tough, as its stroke shaft is made of stainless steel and everything is packed in compact all-aluminum housing, which protects it from harsh environmental conditions. With all these features this mini electric actuator is an excellent choice, as it is economical and rugged enough to provide a long and maintenance-free operational life.

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Main Features of the PA-09

Main Features of the PA-09 actuator


If there is one thing special about this mini electric actuator, it would be its small size in compact housing which keeps it safe from harsh environmental conditions. With a rating of IP-66, it means that it has excellent protection against ingress of dust particles and it can withstand even a spray of water without any damage. It generates a static and dynamic force of 330 lbs., with accuracy and precision. Below we have outlined the product details of the PA-09, which highlights its key characteristics, helping you decide whether it’s the actuator for you!


Physical Characteristics

Often a worrisome issue when looking for a mini electric actuator is whether the device is reliable enough or not. You will have no worries on that count as this actuator was designed to be a robust device, with the stroke rod made of stainless steel and a compact body made of 6062 aluminum alloy. Its stroke ranges from 2” to 40”, which can be customized if required.  Its internal gears are made of high-strength polyformaldehyde material for ultra-quiet operation as its noise level is rated at less than 45 dbA. PA-09 can operate in an ambient temperature range from -25°C to 45°C.

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Electrical Characteristics

The PA-09 Mini Electric Actuator is powered by 12 VDC and operated by a brushed DC motor. Its current ratings range from 1.5 A at no load, to 4 A at full load. Its connector is a 2-pin Molex Mini-Fit Jr. with a cable length of 40”. It has feedback options, with a built-in potentiometer that can adjust the stroke length in units up to 8”. Hall effect sensors can also be added to your actuator if required – for this feedback option, you would need the 6-pin Mini-Fit Jr connector. It also has a built-in limit switch that safely shuts itself off in case the shaft extends beyond the design limits.   


Mounting Options

PA-09 actuator mounting options


The PA-09 can be mounted using the BRK-09 bracket, which is specifically designed for this actuator. A pair of these lightweight strong brackets will easily let you mount this actuator within your application. The bracket can be installed on both ends of the actuator and can be rotated for full 180°. This bracket needs to be purchased separately from the actuator and includes all of the required pins for installation!


Control Boxes

Control boxes for PA-09 actuator


Progressive Automations provides you with complete automation solutions that include compatible control boxes and other related equipment for your application. From the Progressive Automations range, you can choose from an array of options, including wired or wireless control boxes. You also have a choice of a standard controller or ones with feedback options, depending on your requirements. You can also control multiple actuators from a single control box if you opt for two or more channels.


Power Supplies

Of course, the actuator will need power and we can provide you with a range of power supply units to meet your exacting requirements. The right power supply will depend on the voltage and power requirements of your application. These power supply units are available for 12 VDC and 24 VDC with input voltages from 100 to 240 VAC. Our power supplies are efficient, reliable, robust, and are rated up to IP67 for protection against dust ingression and water damage protection. Check out our complete range of power supplies here.


Additional Customizable Features

The PA-09 mini actuator has an adjustable range of stroke lengths from 2” to 40”, with a customizable force of 330 lbs. This actuator is available both as a standard unit without feedback with a potentiometer for a stroke length of up to 8”, or with Hall effect feedback for stroke lengths of up to 40”. A longer cable length can be provided as per your requirements, if our standard 40” is not sufficient.  

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Choosing an Actuator from Progressive Automations

Progressive Automations industrial linear actuators are world-class products that are widely used in several industrial, commercial, or domestic products around the world. Their robustness, customization capabilities, compactness, and above all being economical makes them the market leader in this field. We have been developing and manufacturing industrial electric linear actuators since 2008, alongside our other electric linear actuators, that make us one of the industry leaders. We also provide many other compatible motion control products, including; control boxes, power supplies, relays, microcontrollers, and mounting solutions. We have a large inventory of actuators in ready stock and we can also fulfill any large order quickly to meet your schedule!

We have conveniently located offices and service centers throughout the United States and Canada to provide you with technical expertise to help you choose the right model of an actuator for your application.


Final Word

PA-09 is small, but the power that it can generate is deceptive for its size.  It can be used in those tight situations where space is extremely limited, and you need a tiny but powerful actuator. If for any reason the PA-09 does not meet your specific requirements, there is a wide range of electric linear actuators offered by Progressive Automations from which you can select an actuator that can surely meet your requirements.