Our Mission

To offer the most comprehensive selection of automation products that come with easy support, purchase and control.

From automation enthusiasts and hobbyists...

...to engineers and large-scale partners

We cover it all, and thoroughly enjoy every project we’re involved in!

Our team of expert engineers is creative, energetic, and innovative, with years of experience and a huge passion for what we do. This love for our work and products means we’re not just reactive to customer needs – we constantly strive to develop our skills and knowledge of the industry, while having a bit of fun too!

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Who We Are

To put it simply, Progressive Automations specializes in automation and motion control products. This is led by our electric linear actuators, compatible power supplies, control systems, and PLC controls. In recent years we have also targeted home and office automation, coming out with a range of electric standing desks, TV lifts and lifting column sets. We absolutely love what we do and all things automation!

The Progressive Story


Founded in 2008 by best friends Vlad Kovalyov and Ajay Arora, they saw that the electric linear actuator industry was thriving yet had a significant gap in it. Only large manufacturers of actuators existed to serve manufacturers or corporations, with high minimum order quantities. They saw an opportunity to offer motion control and linear actuator products to anyone, regardless of their specifications or quantity requirements.


Fast forward to 2023 – Progressive Automations has grown to new heights with a large (and growing!) team and an expanding range of motion control products. They also welcomed a sister company in 2018 – Progressive Desk! Using the same actuator technology that they have developed over the years, Progressive Desk focuses on electric standing desks and creating ergonomic workspace solutions.

We are also excited to welcome another company to the Progressive family very soon! Progressive Bed will focus on implementing our linear actuator technology into beds, providing comfortable and convenient frame motion.

The Progressive Culture

You might have already noticed, but we absolutely love what we do here at Progressive Automations! Our team is full of people from various backgrounds, including our talented engineers who design, optimize and advise on our products. Every person in the Progressive family is truly valued, and has a keen interest in bringing innovative ideas to the table. Thanks to the industry we’re in, each day is rarely the same and we wouldn’t have it any other way!
While working hard is a great trait to have, we like to enjoy ourselves too – at Progressive Automations, mixing work with fun is a necessity. From company outings and monthly complimentary lunches, to Fun Fridays and internal competitions, maintaining positive morale is high in our list of priorities!
Our company is growing at a huge pace – why not check out our careers page? You might find the perfect opportunity for yourself in our team.

Our Brands & Products

Progressive Automations

Progressive Automations is the company that started it all! By developing and becoming experts in linear motion products, we have opened ourselves up to a world of possibilities.

Progressive Desk

Progressive Desk came to fruition after we discovered multiple projects involved adapting regular desks into electric standing desks by using our actuators. After years of planning and creating the perfect line of adjustable standing desks, Progressive Desk was born! Our team also researched and focused on creating the most ergonomic, useful workspace products alongside the desks, which saw our range of standing desk accessories and desk converters grow.

Progressive Bed

Progressive Bed is our newest project, and involves implementing our technology into bed frames, resulting in electric adjustable frames. Users can look forward to experiencing ultimate comfort, quality, and convenience, with comfortable mattresses, and a bed frame that can adjust at the push of a button!

Why Go Progressive?

Every company says they will go above and beyond for their customers – but we truly will, and always do!

With over a decade of experience in the industry, we understand that businesses and individuals need to stay ahead of the game, constantly improving and innovating their technology. For this, we provide not only a dedicated support team of experienced engineers but also a complete product integration process to help you assemble your product and ensure it functions properly.

Customization is a huge benefit of choosing Progressive Automations – anything is possible when it comes to customizing our actuators. From altering the stroke length and force, to increasing the IP rating and adding feedback.
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