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The automotive industry utilizes linear actuators extensively. Not only are they used in the car itself but they also help with the actual assembly of the vehicles in manufacturing. Inside a car you’ll find them regulating engine speed, helping control the exhaust systems as well as simpler automated tasks such as controlling windows, power locks and the trunk. The fact is modern day vehicles would be almost unrecognizable without linear actuators and all that advancement in technology is due in large part to automotive automation.


Marine automation is a thriving industry that takes full advantage of automation technology. Linear actuators can be used to automate a variety of applications on the exterior and interior of marine vessels. Similar to automotive automation actuators can help with imperative tasks such as controlling the boats engine throttle, regulating valves and shifting antennas. Other popular automation options on the water include automating engine hatches, collapsible masts and ladders.


The agricultural industry has been increasingly adopting the use of linear actuators to help automate the many different applications and operations in the industry. They are especially useful in a number of machines and equipment such as fertilizer spreaders (adjusting spreading flow and rate), seeding machines (regulating rate of seeds) and combine harvesters (raising/lowering grain cover). Actuators and other automation technology provide an effective way for the agricultural industry to not only improve work conditions but increase productivity and crop growth as well.


In today's modern medical industry it is vital that all forms of technology and systems in the field be precise, reliable and most of all safe. Linear actuators and automation play an invaluable role in the medical field making sure the technology is exactly that. Whether they be aiding CT or MRI scanners with adjustable scanning tables and adjusting the scanners themselves or helping patients reposition their hospital beds to ideal angles for comfort, the medical field is full equipment improved by automated systems. Due to their quiet operation and precise movement electric linear actuators have even taken over jobs that were once reserved for mechanical and hydraulic actuator systems in the medical industry as well.


Your home provides an abundance of ways to improve your quality of life with linear actuators. Automation is all about automating tasks that would otherwise need to be done manually and what better place to make your life easier than your home. It’s also a great way to impress your friends and bring your home into the future with exciting automation technology like hiding your television in your ceiling and having it lower into view via remote control. Automating your furniture is another option like having fully adjustable reclining chairs and beds that allow to you to find the most comfortable position possible. These are just a few examples of the many different ways you can automate your home.


Robotics is without a doubt one of the most exciting industries where you can find actuators and automation technology. Technology is improving and upgrading at an almost alarming pace nowadays and with it so is the industry of robotics. It has advanced to the point where this technology is now readily available for hobbyists to create some truly impressive projects and applications. Many of our customers are using our actuators and automation systems to create custom motor based robotics such as robotic snow plows, robotic lawn mowers and even a fully functional replica of the WALL-E robot from the popular Disney movie.

Solar Tracking

This is another industry that is slowly but surely gaining in popularity with the rise of technology and linear actuators have played a large part in it. Solar power is becoming more popular to help reduce our energy usage and lower the carbon foot print we leave on the environment. With solar tracking we can now follow the sun at all hours of the day to get the most amount of solar energy possible. By using linear actuators and motion control systems you can now have a solar panel automatically adjust its angle to increase the power yield of the panel by up to 25% more than a standard fixed panel.

Industrial Automation & Machinery

Industrial facilities and factories have always been looking for ways to better increase productivity in the many different processes in an industry. Nowadays the focus of industrial automation leans towards increasing quality in the manufacturing process. With the continuing development of the latest technology, electric linear actuators like ours are becoming more viable than ever in the industrial sector because of the amount of energy they can save compared to pneumatic and hydraulic actuators. Some of the big positives that comes with industrial automation and automating machinery is the reduced cost when compared to having human operators as well as improving efficiency and safety.

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