New PA-41 Control System: Controlling Multiple Linear Actuators

New PA-41 Control System: Controlling Multiple Linear Actuators

Nathan Bong
Nathan Bong
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Many applications that operate with electromechanical systems require a single control system that has the capability of operating multiple actuators at the same time. These types of advanced linear actuator controls can allow for advanced features such as synchronous motion, memory preset positions, and the user convenience of being able to access all actuators from one controller. This article will showcase our new PA-41 Control System while covering our product range which has been designed to control multiple linear actuators through a single control box.

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Synchronized 4-Channel Hall Effect PA-41 Control System

PA-41-4-12V24 control box


Our new PA-41-4-12V24 control box can operate 4 matching hall effect actuators simultaneously to travel the same speed together in synchronous motion. This control box also comes with a wired RC-13 momentary rocker switch, however, there are also two wireless remotes included for the option to control from up to 100 feet away (open air).

The included wire harness comes with an in-line fuse to protect against short circuits when connecting the control box to a power source. Compatible with 12 VDC or 24 VDC hall effect type actuators, you just need to ensure that the power supply has a sufficient amperage rating to control the linear actuators! The PA-41 control system is designed to handle a maximum of 6.25 A per channel at 12 VDC and 5 A per channel at 24 VDC.

2- Channel Parallel Control Box (PA-30)



The most economic wireless control system we have to control two 12 VDC standard electric actuators is the PA-30 unit. It has a very compact design, a simple plug-and-play function, and fully functional RF wireless remotes. This control box allows for parallel control where the user can issue a command to both actuators with one push of a button on the wireless remote control. The linear actuators will mirror each other’s movement based on the command, which is ideal for moving two objects at a relatively similar speed and position. It’s a great solution if your application does not need full synchronization, but has limited space, and can utilize a wireless actuator control solution.

Speed Control 2-Channel Parallel Control Box (PA-25)

PA-25 control box


The next control box we are looking at is the PA-25 control box, this unit has the same functionality as the PA-30 unit, but with the added function of built-in speed controllers. The control box comes with a wiring harness, 2x wireless remotes, and a connector adaptor for the actuators. It is very simple to operate and easy to set up. There are two knobs on the control box to adjust the speed of each of the channels from 0% to 100%. This control box is usually used in an application where the travel time of the actuator needs to be adjusted, or sometimes only one actuator is needed to extend and retract.

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Individual Control 2-Channel Control Box (PA-28)

PA-28 control box


Our PA-28 control box is designed to be able to control each of the two channels individually. Using the RF remote provided, users will be able to extend, stop and retract their actuators separately. This is a great way to control two separate systems with only one control box. It saves the space and expense needed to mount a second control box while providing the flexibility and convenience of issuing a command to the actuators separately with one wireless remote. To learn more, read our blog on using relays to control high-current actuators with a low-current control box.

Synchronized Dual Potentiometer Control Box (PA-39)

PA-39 control box


If you are looking for potentiometer feedback compatibility, check out our PA-39 control box. This control box can take the potentiometer feedback signal from our potentiometer actuator to calibrate the positioning of two actuator units and allow for preset memory positions. This is important when you are controlling multiple linear actuators to move a single object.

If the actuators are not synchronized, the difference in load or speed could cause the actuator to extend at different positions and causing winding issues. If left unchecked, it could completely burn out the actuators’ motor. It is important to know that the actuators you are using do have a potentiometer feedback sensor in them and has a current draw that suits this control box. The PA-14P units we have in stock are fully compatible with the PA-39.


Synchronized Dual Hall Effect Control Box (PA-40 & PA-40-24VDC)

PA-40 control box


The PA-40-24VDC (for 24 VDC) and PA-40 control box (for 12 VDC) uses hall effect signals to synchronize linear actuators with greater accuracy than the PA-39 control boxes to truly synchronize two linear actuators. Similar to the PA-39, you will need to make sure the actuators being used have the hall effect sensors built-in for compatibility.

We offer the PA-04-HS units with hall effect sensors in stock and many more that can be customized to include this feedback sensor. This control box also comes with a wireless remote, so it will be very easy to install and control this unit. Read our blog to know more about using power supplies and control boxes to synchronize actuators.

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4-Channel Wired Control Box (PA-CB1-4)

Four-channel PA-CB1-4 wired control box


Our four-channel PA-CB1-4 wired control box offers individual control on each channel for the user convenience of having access to 4 independent actuators through just one remote. Unlike the control boxes previously mentioned, this one has an AC input and DC output, so you can plug this directly into your wall outlet to power the actuators directly without requiring extra power supplies. Customers who prefer their remote to be attached to the control box will also find this style of wired remote as less likely to go missing or lost compared to other wireless remotes.


Hall Effect Control Box With Presets (FLTCON series)

FLTCON control boxes


Each of our FLTCON control boxes allows for the ability to have programmed functions, safety features, and other user settings that can be accessed through the connected remote control. When multiple hall effect type actuators are connected to an FLTCON control box, the control box ensures the synchronization of the motors so they move together at the same speed.

Read our blog on applications for the FLTCON control boxes for more information!


Control box

Input Voltage

Number of channels


110 VAC



110 VAC






110 VAC



110 VAC



When choosing a configuration with 2x hall effect actuators, our FLTCON-2 accepts 110 VAC input voltage, however, we also offer the FLTCON-2-24VDC which accepts 24 VDC input voltage. When paired with our PA-BT1-24-2200 Portable FLT Battery Pack (outputs 24 VDC), the FLTCON-2-24VDC and PA-BT1-24-2200 combination allows for full portability. We offer a wide range of remote options to choose from so you can enjoy all the unique features of our different programmable wired remotes – they can also be used together with our RT-14 wireless remotes for extra convenience!

RT-14 wireless remote


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There are many ways to control multiple linear actuators depending on your application requirements and user preferences. At Progressive Automations, we offer a variety of advanced linear actuator controllers to match various types of actuators, ensuring our wide range has something for everyone.

We hope you found this as informative as we did, especially if you were interested in learning more about our offerings for synchronization and controlling multiple linear actuators in general. If you have any queries or wish to discuss our products further, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are experts in what we do and will be happy to assist in any way we can. | 1-800-676-6123

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