Capabilities of the PA-07 Micro Linear Actuator

Capabilities of the PA-07 Micro Linear Actuator

Nathan Bong
Nathan Bong
PA Engineer

There are many applications with space and weight limitations that would require small and portable units in order to operate. In some cases, there may also be a need for these devices to have extra water resistance. The PA-07 actuators are among the smallest actuators we offer which has an IP66 rating. Another benefit of the PA-07 is that it can also be used with our control boxes for simple plug and play installation. This article will cover some ways to utilize  PA-07 in 4 different applications.

Timed Pet Feeders

When everyone is too busy at work or school, it can be very challenging to feed home pets at certain times of the day. Fortunately, the PA-07 actuator with an AC-21 digital timer and DPDT relay has the capability to open and close small doors similar to those found on certain pet food dispensers. We also have a sample wiring diagram on our website for reference on Digital Timer Relay Control of a Micro Linear Actuator. Since the PA-07 has IP66, it will have sufficient ingress protection to handle water splashes from food dispensers located above aquariums and fishbowls.

Miniature models of projects



The AC-03 and many other smaller sized batteries would be able to power the PA-07 since each unit only draws 0.24 A of current. This would allow for portable and lightweight project replicas at conventions and trade shows where larger projects would be too bulky to transport. An example of the PA-07 being used with a miniature model of a project would be the 12:1 scaled “Cat D6T” Caterpillar dozer.
Our 12 VDC control boxes would allow for convenient wireless control of the PA-07. By passing around the wireless remote, convention attendees will have more opportunities to participate and operate the miniature models.

Motorized Display Chest

The small dimensions of a PA-07 allow for neat and compact installations, perfect for motorized display chests. Museums, jewelry stores, and antique shops would be examples of places that would benefit from display chest automation. In cases where multiple actuators are required to move together, a speed controller such as the AC-14 can be used to adjust the speed of the faster-moving PA-07. Although this does not guarantee perfect synchronization, it would improve the chances for more symmetrical movement compared to a system without any speed controller. This type of system would be an option to consider when other actuators with hall effect sensors may be too large to fit in the space restrictions. Read More about the NiceBox using Micro Linear Actuators

Cosplay and Movie Props

Robotic Arms

Cosplays of sci-fi characters such as Robocop, Ironman or original superheroes may sometimes require actuators to open a face shield, mask or hidden gadget compartments. Although the use of larger actuators and motors would be possible, overtime user fatigue may occur from carrying around a heavy costume at conventions. Since the PA-07 is lightweight and easy to conceal under decorations and covers, it can be used for cosplays and smaller movie props that are wired to hidden rocker switches. Another reason the PA-07 would be a good actuator choice for costumes and props would be that it has IP66, useful for when the costume needs cleaning or if there are rainy scenes in a movie that require filming.

To summarize, the PA-07 can be wired and used in many different ways for various applications. This would prove that although the PA-07 is one of the few actuators which does not have customizable options, it is still a versatile and capable unit in its own way. If you required further assistance or had more questions on the PA-07, you may call us at 1-800-676-6123 or email us at