How To Choose The Correct Drop Down Tv Lift

How To Choose Best TV Lift Mechanism

Zuriel Gonzalez
PA Engineer

The most recent addition to our line of TV automation products is the TY-05 drop-down TV lift. The unit is designed to be installed as a drop down TV from the ceiling or against the wall. This lift is operated using a wireless remote and can raise your TV to hide it from plain sight and lower it when needed. In this article, we will discuss how to select the best TV lift mechanism for your application.

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For a full list of specifications, installation manuals and to order online, please follow the links below:

Model Product Page (Order Online) Product Manual (PDF)
TY-05-30 TY-05-30 Product Page TY-05-30 Product Manual
TY-05-40 TY-05-40 Product Page TY-05-40 Product Manual
TY-05-50 TY-05-50 Product Page TY-05-50 Product Manual
TY-01 TY-01 Product Page TY-01 Product Manual
TY-01-25 TY-01-25 Product Page TY-01-25 Product Manual


The Progressive Automations’ drop-down TV lift comes in the following three models; TY-05-30, TY-05-40 and TY-05-50. In order to choose the correct drop down TV stand, you must consider three important points; TV size compatibility, ideal viewing height, and installation size.

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Schema comparison three models drop-down TV lift


Our upright motorized TV lift systems come in two options: TY-01, and TY-01-25. These models have the same three considerations mentioned above, but can be used to create a hidden TV lift without needing to be mounted in the ceiling. For this type of setup, a cabinet can be used to completely hide the TV lift when retracted.

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TV lift scheme

Necessary Considerations

TV Size Compatibility

The five models come with various size compatibilities that are determined by the mounting hole dimensions and length of travel.

Model TV Size Mounting Hole Dimensions (width x height) Length of Travel
TY-05-30 Up to 55 inches Up to 700mm x 500mm 30 inches
TY-05-40 Up to 75 inches Up to 700mm x 500mm 40 inches
TY-05-50 Up to 95 inches Up to 700mm x 1200mm 50 inches
TY-01 Up to 60 inches Up to 600mm x 400mm 38.8 inches
TY-01-25 Up to 60 inches Up to 400mm x 400mm 25.4 inches


Generally speaking, your TV can be mounted onto the lift so long as your TV’s VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) standard matches the mounting hole dimensions listed in the table above. The VESA standard comes with 2 numbers, for example, 200mm x 200mm. The first number is the width, and the second number is the height of the mounting hole locations.

Another consideration for TV size compatibility is the length of travel. If you wish to have a completely hidden TV mount in the ceiling then the length of travel must be longer than the height of the TV. For example, if you have a TV with a 28” height then choosing the TY-05-30 with a 30” length of travel will be suitable. When the lift is fully lowered, your entire TV is visible. When the lift is fully raised then it will travel a total of 30” upwards, thus completely hiding your TV. If you have a TV with a 34” height when the lift is fully lowered, you will have the top portion of the TV still hidden above the ceiling. The same considerations must be made if you want to use an upright lift that will be hidden in cabinets when retracted like we covered in this blog post.

The exception to sizing based on the travel length is if you do not wish to fully hide the TV when fully retracted. For example, if you are mounting the lift against a wall without anything covering the TV as it raises and lowers. For this, you simply choose the travel length you require.


Ideal Viewing Height

Now that you know the minimum stroke length you need for your TV to be compatible, it is time to decide if you need a longer length of travel in order to achieve your ideal viewing height. For example, even if your 55” TV can fit in a TY-05-30, you may want to choose a TY-05-50 to get a longer length of travel. An example of this would be if you have a high ceiling and you wish to lower your TV down to eye level. This can be seen in the diagram below.

TY-05 tv lift models comparison

Installation Size

Once you have chosen the best lift model based on the TV size compatibility and ideal viewing height, the final and arguably most important step is to ensure that you have enough space for a drop down TV from the ceiling. As seen in the Model Length Comparison diagram above, each lift has a different length of travel and fully raised length.

The fully raised length determines the minimum vertical space required to install your lift if you wish to have the bracket at the bottom of the lift level with the ceiling when fully raised. This bracket is designed for you to mount a cut-out of your ceiling so that when fully raised, the lift and TV are completely hidden. This bracket can be removed if you do not wish to add a ceiling cover.

If you wish to stop the drop down TV lift mount before it reaches the fully raised position, for example, if you have a ceiling cover that you want to be in-line with the ceiling, then you can use the External Limit Switch included. This button stops the lift from raising further once it is pressed. You simply mount it in a way that it is pressed as you reach your desired stopping point. Keep in mind that by stopping the lift before it reaches the fully raised position, you are reducing the travel length.




We hope this article helps you in choosing the best drop-down TV lift model for your application. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 1-800-676-6123 and our engineers will be more than happy to assist you!