24v linear actuators
24v linear actuators
24v linear actuators


Low Current Draw
Thanks to their higher voltage, 24 volt dc linear actuators draw a lower current than 12V actuators. Current reduction has a number of advantages, such as saving costs on wiring and electrics and reduced losses in a conductor. This can be particularly significant in 24V heavy duty linear actuators that are based in industrial settings.
Great for Existing 24 VDC Systems
All of our actuators are adaptable and can be customized to suit any application, and our 24V linear actuators are no different. They can seamlessly integrate into your existing 24V system and provide you with an optimal solution. If you only have a 12V power supply but wish to operate a 24V actuator, use our 12-24 VDC voltage converter which takes a 12V input and outputs 24V.
24vdc system compatible actuators
Thin-Wire Applications
When you increase the voltage of a system, it reduces the amount of current that goes through it. Therefore, our 24VDC linear actuators have smaller wires than their 12VDC counterparts, giving you a reduction in wiring costs.
18-Month Warranty
Alongside all of our other actuators, our 18-month warranty also extends to our 24 volt linear actuators. We have complete confidence in our 24V electric actuators – this is reflected in the length of our warranty!
18 month warranty for our 24 volt actuators
24v actuators for solar panels
24v actuators for solar panels

24 Volt Linear Actuators: Ideal Applications

While 12VDC linear actuators are ideal and more common with moving lighter loads in home, office, and industrial automations, 24 volt electric actuators are often manufactured with a higher force rating or faster speed while drawing less current. Therefore, they are often seen in industries that require heavy-duty industrial requirements, machinery applications, solar applications, and so on. Take our PA-17 and PA-100 linear actuators. Both have 24 VDC capabilities as they are heavy-duty actuators and are prime examples of where increased voltage is a bonus. You get the same high-force abilities with half of the current, giving you room to implement more devices if required!
24 electric actuators
24 electric actuators

Our Actuator Range

Alongside our 24 VDC linear actuator offerings, we can also increase voltage up to 48 VDC in many of our actuators. However, beyond increasing (or decreasing) your voltage, our range of actuators is extremely diverse and customizable. The majority of our actuators can be customized through their force, stroke length, mounting options, hall-effect and potentiometer capabilities, IP rating and so on. We also have a range of categories, from micro and mini to tubular and industrial actuators. For specialized applications that require that extra bit of protection, we have both 12 and 24v waterproof linear actuators and salt-spray capabilities. Our engineers have worked with numerous customers on countless projects, all of which have unique needs that our range of actuators cater towards!
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