Feedback Actuator Uses And Applications

Feedback Actuator Uses And Applications

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The many uses of feedback actuators.

Commercial uses for feedback actuators include a wide range of products, services and industries, from printing paper to packaging solutions to hospital and laboratory equipment. You'll find them in printers to realign the printer heads. You can also find them in braking cylinders, wheelchair mechanisms and smartphones. A feedback linear actuator can animate a robotic arm for example while providing feedback automation.

What Is A Feedback Actuator?

A feedback actuator is a type of linear actuator that incorporates a positioning control, making it adaptable to applications where position feedback is needed. A potentiometer is used to read the position of the screw or spindle as it moves. It is supplied with a setpoint and the setpoint is assigned a value. When that value is reached, a signal is emitted. Wherever an application requires position control that needs quiet and reliable, smooth linear movement, feedback actuators can be incorporated to improve functionality. Feedback actuators are also referred to as potentiometer actuators or actuators with potentiometer.

Incorporating Linear Motion

Designers and engineers who incorporate linear actuators into their designs, further examine the application to determine whether or not a feedback actuator is needed. Feedback actuators a made from a variety of metals, but ones made from aluminum alloys are generally lighter, more durable and stronger. They are also capable of withstanding greater force. Depending on the application, feedback actuator units can be waterproofed for specialized uses. Like standard linear actuators, an electric linear feedback actuator uses a 12 volt motor and are available in variable stroke sizes capable of producing different rates of speed and force values.
A feedback actuator, also called a potentiometer actuator, is used for applications where control, realignment or positioning is required. Wherever a machine, function or process includes the need to know where it is, where it might be going and the means to return to a point of origin, feedback actuators make it possible.
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