Which Remote Control Should You Choose for Your Application?

Which Remote Control Should You Choose for Your Application?

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Standing desks and table lifts are great solutions for altering the height of your workstation, allowing you to comfortably change between sitting or standing as you please. Following the huge rise in remote working this past year, we have seen a huge increase in popularity of our table lifts! Since control systems can be a complex engineering topic, we often get queries from our customers regarding product functionality and selection. This includes common questions about our table lifts, particularly regarding the type of remote controls that are best suited for each person or application.

Take a look through our large range of table lift remote controls!

In this article, we will take you through all of our table lift remote controls so you can find one that will suit your specific needs. Stay with us until the end to make sure your queries are answered!


Remote Controls for an Actuator or Table Lift: More than just an Accessory!

Remote-controlled actuators and table lifts


Remote-controlled actuators and table lifts are used widely in workplaces, homes and offices, and have a very simple function. For offices, standing desk’s heights can be adjusted according to the user’s requirements. In hospitals, a bed actuator with a remote can add to the patient’s and staff’s comfort. In an industrial environment, a high-speed linear actuator remote control can do wonders in terms of time-saving!

Simple and convenient, right? However, these products are only the epitome of convenience because of the optimized motion control system working in the back end. A solid control system is crucial to their performance and at the heart of this lies a trusty remote controller! The remote control enables all of the functionality a table lift has to offer. Using a remote, users can accurately set their desks to their desired height, program height positions into its memory feature, and set height limits alongside many more features! This level of utility makes remote controllers a complete product, not an auxiliary accessory. This is the reason we have decided to dedicate a whole blog post to these devices – you need to ensure you choose the right one!

Discussed below is our complete range of remote controllers along with their major features so you can choose what is best for you. If you are interested in having the perfect table lift accessory combination, give it a read.

 Remote control for standing desk


Remote Controls for your Remote-Controlled Table

Progressive Automations has a complete section of remote controls, which you can browse here. We offer all kinds of remotes, which differ in functionality, technology, and design. You can very easily install them in your products by consulting the wiring diagram for remote controls for a linear actuator.


Table lift hand remote


We will start with the simplest of all, the handy RT-07! This is a minimalistic remote with two buttons for up and down controls, a classy addition to your table lift. It fits snugly underneath your tabletop and can be operated with minimum effort owing to its easy-to-use design.



Table lift hand remote model: RT-17

The RT-17 is similar to RT-07 in function: it is an up-down remote with a button dedicated to each operation. It is compatible with a number of our specialized table lifts and lifting columns and comes in a sleek black/white design.




Table lift hand remote RT-11


Next up is the extremely popular RT-11, with its incredible look and highly demanded features. This hand remote can store four positions in its memory, which is ample for any table lift application. It has a 5V USB outlet for charging compatible devices, which is a huge facility if you spend a lot of time on your desk and do not have a USB port nearby.

The device is very easy to use, with a good-looking LED display. If the remote encounters any errors, its LED screen displays the respective error code which can then be conveniently looked up in its well-composed manual, which contains recommended solutions for all errors.



Table lift hand remote model: RT-18


The RT-18 remote is one of our most unique table lift accessories in our catalog. It sports a paddle-style design as compared to the more common button-style remotes, which makes it much more durable and intuitive to use. It offers a great deal of functionality to its user as well. Apart from the normal momentary up-down operations, it can be used for non-momentary motion control as well. To make this possible, it has the capability to store two table positions in its memory and allows users to directly move to these positions by double-pressing the paddle in the desired direction.

For the standing desk user, RT-18 comes with a Sedentary Alarm. This is a highly useful option that alerts you when your table has not moved for a certain time period, which you choose. Besides the timer specification, you also get to choose between two vibration patterns for the alarm, letting you customize it to your personal preferences.

In addition to this, height limits and the automatic lock can also be set if you have children or other safety concerns regarding your table lifts. The automatic lock disables the remote’s momentary operations until the lock is disabled and is a very neat technique to keep mischievous youngsters from playing with the remote or table.



Table lift hand remote model: RT-16


The modern-looking RT-16 remote control has an LED screen, a rotary dial to move the lift up and down instead of buttons, and 3 buttons for accessing memorized positions. It truly is an all-in-one package! This device also allows users to set upper and lower height limits, locking optionality, and vibratory sedentary alarm to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.




Table lift hand remote model: RT-13


Our RT-13 remote is a robust device that enhances your table lift’s look. The body is designed to have a solid base underneath the table to allow for a good grip, and a wide LED screen to clearly display all available options. Of these options, it has four numbered buttons for going directly to preset positions and an ‘M’ button to store new positions in its memory and access other options. For momentary control, it also has up and down buttons.




Table lift hand remote model: RT-15


The RT-15 is a smart-looking remote that is easily fixed to your tabletop and connected to the controller. It has three buttons for stored positions, up-down buttons for momentary control, and is compatible with most of our products, making it a suitable pick if you are a DIY builder.



Table lift hand remote model: RT-14


The final product on our list is the RT-14, one of the most sophisticated options! Fancy a linear actuator with a wireless remote control? This remote works wirelessly in conjunction with an RF receiver that connects to our Hall Effect control boxes. The remote has a remarkable range of 24 feet and can be toggled between momentary/non-momentary motion controls, which means that it is perfect for users who want control of their table at great distances.

Choose from our four different table lift types, ranging in budget, size, and shape!


There you have it – our entire range of table lift remote controls! As you have just seen, our list is long and diverse, there to cater for the huge range of projects and requirements that we have come across. We hope this information has been helpful and you can now make an informed decision about which of these remote accessories best suits you.

We will be glad to help you out with any of your motion control queries, including further information about our remote controls! Let us know of your queries by contacting us and our customer support staff will get back to you.