Progressive Automations standing desk frames are the perfect foundation to your standing desk and project. Strong, reliable, and sturdy, their 96-month warranty is a reflection on their design and build. The strong, steel design and multiple stage motor design make these desk frames extremely durable and seamless in their movement. Coming in a number of shapes and colors, you have a wide variety to choose from to suit your requirements. Each frame also has an anti-collision feature, ensuring high-quality safety and security during use.

All of our height adjustable desk frames come with a wired remote, power supply and all of the necessary hardware for your desk frame solution. We have compatible tabletops available however, should you pair your own instead, the frames are easily adjustable and customizable.


Our desk frames are ideal for workspaces and home offices, allowing you to adjust the height of your standing desk frame to meet your exact height preferences. Preset you perfect sitting and standing heights, allowing you to adjust your desk with the simple push of a button! With lifting capacities varying from 180 lbs to 330 lbs, our desk frames can cater to any workstation!

Shared workspaces will also benefit significantly from these sit stand desk frames. Each desk can be raised or lowered depending on the preferences of the individual using the frame, meaning compromise is not required. The preset function is also extremely useful here. Using the memory positioning function of the remote controls, up to four positions can be saved.


Assembly is simple when it comes to our desk frames and requires little skill or tools. We have designed our standing desk bases with quality, reliability, and convenience in mind. This convenience also encompasses quick and easy set-up of the desk frames to get you up and running as seamlessly as possible!

All of our desk frame models have an online manual that details step-by-step how to build and activate your new motorized desk frame and if further assistance is required, our engineers are available Monday to Friday between 6:30AM and 5:00PM to guide you.


As each project and requirement is different, we have catered for these various requirements. We have five variations of electric standing desk base to choose from, each with different capabilities. Solo, twin, corner, v-shaped desk, and single table lifts all provide users with different experiences based on their available space, load requirements, number of users, and so on.

These model types vary in shape, size, and number of lifting legs. Check out each type carefully to ensure you pick the best suited frame for you – if you already have a tabletop, make sure it’s compatible before purchase!

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