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What To Do If You Need To Return A Unit

Anna Sapiga
Anna Sapiga

Here at Progressive Automations, we are confident in the quality of our products. So confident, in fact, that we are proud to offer an industry leading 18-month warranty. However, things happen, and while we strive for perfection with our units, nothing is perfect.

Sometimes you will realize that the unit is too big for your application. Sometimes things might happen where you might need to send your unit back to us for inspection.

When you need to send a unit back to us, for any reason, we go through a process called Return Merchandise Authorization, or RMA.

The beginning — When to open an RMA

There are a few different reasons why you might need to open an RMA, such as, but not limited to:

- If you accidentally purchased the wrong unit and would like to get an exchange.

- If the unit is not working as it should, and it seems to be a manufacturing defect.

- If you want to return the units for a refund.

If you fall under one of these categories, please make sure that you received the unit within the last 30 days. If so, the device qualifies for a refund or exchange. Our 18-month warranty covers all manufacturing defects. Please note that we will not refund or exchange a product that has been modified, used, or damaged.

Here is our full return policy.

Ready to open an RMA? Proceed to the next section!

Step 1: Opening the RMA — Contacting us

When you decide you may need to open an RMA, the next step is contacting us.

Before you call, please make sure that you have your sales order number ready. That helps us locate your account information and to find details on the purchase. Ready to call? Here is our number: 1-800-676-6123.

Here is what to expect from the phone call:

1. We will first use your sales order number to find more information

2. A Technical Sales Representative will ask a few questions that will help us understand the issue such as:

- The type of application the unit(s) are used in.

- The power supply used in your application.

- Any issues that you are experiencing during normal use.

3. After this information is provided, we provide you with an RMA number

4. Once your RMA number is issued, you will also receive an email with details on how to ship back the units.

Step 2: Shipping the RMA — How to return?

Once you open the RMA, you will need to ship the units back to us.

You will receive an email with shipping instructions and an RMA Number.

Please be sure to package the unit(s) safely to ensure no damage will occur during transit. You may ship the RMA back on your own accord, however, we have discounted UPS return labels available for purchase. Just ask our technicians how to acquire one!

Return Shipping Process:

1. Please write down the RMA Number on the package. This helps us direct the package to the right place once it gets to our facilities.

2. Here are the return addresses you may ship your RMA to:

If you are in the US:

Progressive Automations
1180 Yew Ave
Blaine, WA
98230, USA

If you are in Canada (or anywhere else):

Progressive Automations
160-6691 Elmbridge Way
Richmond, BC
V7C 4N1, Canada       

Step 3: Inspection and Follow Up Process — When we take action

The inspection process consists of multiple steps.

1. Once your RMA is received at our facilities, we will first look at the RMA number and get the related document.

2. Our Technicians will perform a quick visual inspection and functional inspection.

After the inspection is done:

A) If you are just looking for a refund/exchange, and the unit is in brand-new condition, we will issue the refund/exchange and your RMA is completed.

B) If you are looking into a warranty claim, then the unit is placed into a queue, which is then passed to a Product Engineer. The engineer then inspects the unit as soon as possible to find the root cause of the issue. The Product Engineer may contact you if they require additional information during the inspection process.

Once the RMA inspection has been completed, one of our technicians will follow up with you via phone call and/or email.

For further information, please call our team at 1-800-676-6123 or email us at

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