Electric table lifts have revolutionized the way we use and interact with desks, production lines, storage, and multiple other uses of these devices. Their smart controls and ease of use have made them staples in homes, offices, and industries worldwide. This page is dedicated to understanding what table lifts are, their uses and benefits, and how you can pick the best option for your requirements.

What Is a Table Lift?

A table lift is a standard table enhanced with a lifting mechanism. The purpose is to either manually or via remote control through the use of electric linear actuators, regulate the height of the table. Table lifts can vary in size and shape depending on the user’s needs. This allows for the transformation of the table to fit your work or leisure needs, as well as the adaptation to users’ varying heights. Besides its primary function of improving work efficiency, a lifting desk also provides extra safety due to its high-load capacity and anti-collision feature. This minimizes injuries and product damage that may happen in the workplace.

Table lifts basics

Lifting Columns

Our lifting columns are designed with lightweight aluminium and durable steel making them ideal for high load applications. Lifting columns can be bought in a number of quantities depending on the amount required. Their simple, maintenance-free design is resistant to dust and moisture. These adjustable lifting columns are ideal for custom cabinetry, vehicle medication, home automation or adjusting workstation and table height. They are, however, more suitable towards industrial style workstations due to the amount of force they are built to withstand.

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How Does a Table Lift Work?

Linear actuators do all the work in the vast majority of lifting solutions. One or several actuators can be attached to the table lift base to set all the lifting activity in motion. A DC/AC motor is connected directly to a set of gears and rotates a lead screw to extend and retract telescopic columns. Via our control boxes and compatible remote controls, the height of the frame can be raised or lowered to the user’s needs. One simply selects a height using the remote control that accompanies the desk frame and it moves accordingly. Some controls have pre-set options, allowing one to save desired heights. This is done by the memory control feature.

How Table lifts work

Table Lift Parts

Below we have listed the basic construction of a table lift and the components that produce the table frame mechanism.

The Platform:

The platform refers to the raising table top of the table lift. This aspect of the frame is designed to withstand a variety of environments, making it extremely durable.

The Base:

As the foundation of the table frame, the base is constructed to be durable, sturdy, and reliable. It provides a strong support to the motorized legs and an added layer of support to the frame.

The Legs:

The motorized legs are the key components in the moving mechanism of a table lift. They are extendable and retractable based on their 3-stage dual-motor design, giving the user their desired height adjustability.

The Control Unit:

The control unit is the central hub for adjusting the height of the table lift. As stated before the controlling of the movement and speed of the actuators within the table frame is done via remote control.

The Power Source:

Without the power source, a motorized table lift movement would not be possible. It provides power to the entire system and enables the height to be adjusted via remote control.

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Table Lifting Mechanisms

Table lifts are conventionally classified according to the type of mechanism applied to perform the raising of the table. Below is a list of the types of table lift mechanisms.

Scissor-lift table:

This is by far the most widespread variety. The power source collapses the base of a pantograph and table supports are then extended.


As the screw rotates, the table moves along its length creating a simple mechanism.

Rack and pinion:

in this mechanism the pinion provides the track along which the rack rotation propels the table.

Chain and sprocket:

A vertically oriented chain drive is used to rotate a sprocket thus moving the table upwards.


Alongside the expected vertical movement, this type also offers some horizontal shift. It is attained through the use of linear actuators which extend jointed arms.


This method features linear actuators set in the hollow cavity of a larger cylinder.

Types of Power Sources

Generally, while operating a lifting desk, power is only needed to elevate it. Lowering it is attained through the application of a slow-release mechanism or a purge valve. All lifting tables can be broadly divided into manual and automatic, depending on the type of power source utilized in them.


To handle a manual lift table, the operator uses mechanical devices and tools such as a crank, racket, screw, or pump to initiate the mechanism. One can either turn this with a hand or pedal with one’s foot. These two power sources work well for comparatively small tables, where table leg lifts do not have to support heavyweights.


In most electric table lifts, motors are used to elevate the platform. Such table lifts are powered by regular AC or DC motors. These vary depending on the essential purpose and required range of application of an actuator. 12v DC motors are used most commonly in the mass market. There 24V counterparts, in turn, are more suitable for heavy-duty applications where more force and pressure are required to be handled.

AC motors used in linear actuators are typically 220-240 VAC 1-phase motors, 220-240/380-415VAC 3-phase motors (50/60Hz), or 24VDC motors. These induction-based alternatives best fit heavy manufactures where large objects are required to be managed remotely without the need for utter preciseness of motion at that.

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Key Features and Benefits of a Metal Table Frame Lift

It seems apparent that automating equipment is advantageous for all, especially when it comes to lifting and positioning heavy loads and improving work environments. Thanks to technological advancements, the use of table lifts has become more widespread and in turn, their benefits more obvious. Table lifts are predominantly utilized to minimize accidents, provide further convenience, and enhance productivity. A few key advantages are listed below.

Benefits of a Metal Table Frame Lift

Significant Vertical Range

An adjustable table frame can be placed on any surface, with the most conventional position for the table lift being directly on the floor. Through the 3-stage dual-motor design, the frames can reach quite significant heights to cater for all users. If some extra height is required, additional legs can be affixed to the table to enable a higher lifting range. Alternatively, if the required lowered height needs to be level with the floor, the lift can be installed below floor level.

Smooth and Reliable Height Adjustment

The table can reach any height within its range smoothly via the remote control. Movement is seamless and produces low noise. Furthermore, it can maintain this height even if a power failure occurs.

Steady Platform

The platform of a lifting desk or column is quite stable, differing this lifting device from alternatives such as hoists, cranes, or other height manipulators. The design of a table lifter allows it to reliably keep objects securely on its surface, which dramatically reduces the chances of any drop-offs or any suspended loads to swing and cause injury (which is what may happen when using cranes).


The platform can be equipped with a wide range of additional fixtures. This can be anything from regular barriers and gates to unconventional tilt-tops, turn-tables, or conveyors. If used for highly specialized purposes, the platforms can feature tops provided with clamps or other special work components.


There are portable and semi-portable lifting tables on wheels or casters. Such models are often called lift carts and allow you to transport your table lift with ease.


In some more advanced models, the desired height positions of the table can be programmed and incorporated into handling systems. As stated before, certain devices possess a memory feature allowing them to save pre-sets.

Low Maintenance & Long Life

Being reliable, durable, and sturdy in nature, adjustable table lifts are designed to withstand considerable loads over long years of heavy-duty service and require minimum maintenance. This is reflected in the 96-month (8-year) warranty for ActuatorZone table lifts.

Improved Working Conditions & Productivity

Table lifts help workers who rely on their physical activity when working, as well as aiding the avoidance of fatigue, low productivity, and injuries. If certain lifting is repetitive and continuous, injuries are imminent. From back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome to pinched fingers or even fractured bones, table lifts eliminate these issues and risks.

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Table Lift Applications

Table lifts can be used for various purposes in homes and offices, and in industrial settings. Let’s take a look at the most common ones.

Standing Desks

The most popular use of a table lift is as the foundation of a standing desk. The ability to adjust the height of a table is the key feature, allowing the user a selection of desired table heights.

Due to the specific construction of the electric table lift mechanism, it is simple to organize computer wires and other peripherals through added cable management accessories that are easily integrated with the standing desk.

Coffee Tables

It may seem that any compact surface can serve as a coffee table. Nonetheless, a small table with lifting top definitely adds a bit of a futuristic note to your interior. As such, your enhanced coffee table will make a great piece of minimalistic or hi-tech furniture.

A lifting mechanism does not only serve as a holder for the whole tabletop space but for its separate elements as well, like in the picture above.

Additionally, enhanced compact table models can be easily folded and put away. This allows for the optimization of space, something quite advantageous in a smaller home.

Kitchen Applications

Continuing on the topic of domestic convenience, table lifts can also be used to enhance a kitchen table or worktop. Small kitchens are an issue in many living spaces and thanks to the frame’s adjustability in width and height, it is an effective solution to adjust to spatial restrictions. Lift-based tables can also be highly compact and folded at any time to be hidden away for the sake of freeing up space.

Table lifts applications

Laundry Rooms

Table lifts can be efficiently used outside of professional areas as well. For instance, you can modernize your laundry room with this practical piece of furniture. Whether it is a stand-alone fixture or a lift table on wheels, it can be adjustable for an array of tasks. If ironing, ensure the tabletop you pair with the table lift is composed out of the heat-resistant, moisture-repellent materials.

Kid’s Rooms

A kid’s room is yet another place where this mechanism can provide some useful functionality. Children are constantly outgrowing their clothes, toys, and more expensively, furniture. However, with an adjustable sit/stand desk frame, their table can remain a constant in their rooms. Simply raising the table as they grow is a great solution to constantly upgrading or replacing their existing furniture.

Outdoor Use

Outdoor table lifts are made using moisture-resistant materials that are resistant to corrosion, direct sun rays, wood pests, and critical temperatures. Pairing the steel table frame with a highly protected tabletop is imperative for durability in the outside environment. Therefore, the foundation of the outdoor use lift tables is based on linear actuators with the Ingress Protection marking IP67 and higher. The second digit indicates the reliability of inner elements’ protection from liquids, the higher it is, the better the device is reinforced in this aspect.

Manufacturing & Storage Spaces

The technical specifications of models intended for such industrial purposes differ from models and specifications used for domestic purposes. It starts visually. Factories typically require larger, sturdier tables to cater for the significant weight requirements. On top of that, industrial table lifts should feature durable metallic tabletops as well as more complex lifting mechanisms.

In such table lift models, security functions are more advanced than in other models. Providers frequently add a switchboard to the construction for reducing the short circuit chances as well as a speed limiter for setting precise tabletop heights. Specific applications in manufacturing and storage spaces include loading and unloading, conveyer belt systems, pallet handling, and so on.

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Choosing the Correct Standing Desk Frame Lift

The list below has been compiled to ensure that all aspects of your decision making has been covered and to ensure the table lift you purchase is completely suited to your requirements.

Size and Purpose of the Table

You need to consider exactly what the electric lift tables shall be used for. This is important for the compatibility of the desk to the environment, to ensure maximum productivity. Regarding the size of your desk frame, for an adult the common standard height is typically 29-31 inches. For people who are over 5 feet tall, it should be proportionally increased. The optimal tabletop width is usually 19 inches. However, one would need to make adjustments based on one’s own requirements. Pay special attention to details when selecting a desk for children. The height here can vary between 27 - 29 inches, depending on the child’s height. The child’s legs should be placed freely under the desk and their arms should also be placed on top of the desk comfortably.

How to choose Table lift


Straight, standard frames. The classic option that fits any type of room. Be mindful of the dimensions of the frame you choose to ensure it does not clash with space restrictions. Cornered, angled frames. These are usually compact and accessible table lift models. While offering more space and being larger in size, the capacity of your space should be considered prior to purchase.

Tabletop Material

Pairing your table lift with a compatible tabletop is critical. Consider the environment your table frame will be situated in. There are a number of tabletop materials to choose from, with some popular choices listed below:

  • Wood Chipboard:This is the most cost-saving option, however, formaldehyde can be added to the mix for sawdust gluing, which can be bad for children and people with allergies.
  • Medium-Density Fibreboard:This is a more expensive equivalent to wood chipboard that features carbamide resin in its gluing mixture, which is considered harmless.
  • Stained Glass: These tops are more shock resistant and scratch-proof. The disadvantage of such models is that their surface can be cold at times.
  • Epoxy Resin:During the last few years tabletops based on the coloured epoxy resin and acryl have become particularly popular. These are very stylish decorative solutions.
  • Metal: Desktops for manufacturing and outdoor use are usually made of varying metals. Such solutions are quite heavy, which should be kept in mind.
  • Cherry, Beech, and Nutwood: One of the more popular options, these materials can be more expensive models based on the oak, red or black tree.
  • Artificial Stone:As opposed to natural stone, its artificial analogue is lighter, simpler to process, and non-radioactive. This is a great choice for interiors made in the Scandinavian style.

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Be it a small electric table lift in your kitchen or a sturdy lift that loads boxes with furniture in a large warehouse, table lifts are increasingly becoming our most valuable assistants in various surroundings. Whichever option you choose, with a good, quality table lift, you’ll manage to reach the ultimate balance between functionality and visual aesthetics.

If you are interested in the discussed table lifts, related elements, or parts, take a look at our range of products. We have options to fit any requirements and meet any tastes, each being of premium quality and fit to serve for years to come.

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