Flight Simulator Success Story Using Linear Actuators

Flight Simulator Success Story Using Linear Actuators

Jake Hewer
Jake Hewer
PA Engineer
With the advancement of the technology used in augmented reality, no longer are simulators limited to training facilities and large companies. Makers all over the world are utilizing motion control components to create interactive and cost effective simulators right at home, many of whom use Progressive Automations’ linear actuators for their linear motion needs.

Anthony Escalante, a local Progressive Automations’ customer took the meaning of DIY to a new level. With his modular design of custom fabricated components, electronic hardware, and programming, Anthony created a fully functioning Flight Motion Simulator for his home.

Flight Sim 5

Outfitted with multiple PA-03 and PA-04 Linear Actuators, Anthony’s design boasts 6 Degrees of Freedom. Each actuator smoothly tilts, rotates, and turns the motion platform to simulate true flight. Accompanied by four power supplies (three PS-10s, one PS-13-12), the control system incorporates motor drivers, and microcontrollers packed away neatly into the control hub of the simulator.

Flight sim 2

“It runs really smooth and easy to maintain." said Anthony. "I Ensured it was modular for maintenance. Parts were easily available from hardware stores and metal pieces purchased and cut from Metal Mart. Actuators and suspension are easy to replace. No headache with downtime. My grandmother can even do it herself“.

Flight sim 3

If you have a cool project like this that you’d like share with, or want to work together on one using our linear actuators, contact us today so see what we can do for you.

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