Aquarium Automated Hood Lift

Aquarium Automated Hood Lift

Guest Writer
Guest Writer
PA Engineer

Our Aquarium hood lift kit is perfect for those who have an aquarium hood in a position where it cannot be easily reached, too heavy if you want to add a more convenient way to open it or just to have a sleek look. Using linear actuators to open and close your hood lift makes the job of feeding the fish and cleaning the tank a lot easier and straightforward. To create your own aquarium hood lift we recommend using 2 x PA-14 linear actuators, 4 x mounting brackets, and our PA-30 control box with wireless remote and an AC adapter.

The PA-30 control box with an AC adapter is the recommend controller as it allows you to use our DC actuators on AC power. If you would prefer to use DC power you have the option of purchasing a rocker switch along with a DC battery. This will not only reduce the cost of your project it will also give you the freedom of using the system where no AC power is available. The last option would be using a foot pedal with DC power to open and close aquarium hood hands free.


2 x Linear Actuators (PA-14 model).

  • Stroke: 1??? to 24??? depending on where you mount and lift height required
  • Force: each actuator should be 150 lbs (you can try using 50 lbs actuators for higher speed if your application permits lower force units)

1 x PA-30 simultaneous wireless control box with AC adapter.

4 x Mounting Brackets (BRK-14 model).

Estimated Cost

Without any additional accessories, the price will be $420.

Project Assembly Time

Under 3 hours

The above products were recommended based in our experience.  You would have a few different actuator control options as well as different actuator models to chose from based on your application.

Not sure? Check out this video of an aquarium automated hood lift in action, all you need are Progressive Automations materials.