High Load Linear Actuators PA-HD1 and PA-HD1-HALL Overview

High Load Linear Actuators PA-HD1 and PA-HD1-HALL Overview

Nathan Bong
Nathan Bong
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Electric linear actuators are commonly found in demanding applications that require durable construction, high load ratings, and the ability to handle exposure to outdoor elements. Being cost-effective without compromise is a nice bonus, however, some use cases may also require all these benefits in addition to positional feedback for synchronous motion capabilities. In this product overview, we will be covering our recently released PA-HD1 and PA-HD1-HALL linear actuators which have the versatility to handle all these requirements while showcasing a few use case examples.

What Makes The PA-HD1 and PA-HD1-HALL Special?

PA-HD1-HALL linear actuator


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Both the PA-HD1 and PA-HD1-HALL are electric linear actuators that provide cost-effective high load capabilities and can withstand rugged use cases in harsh environments. The primary difference between these two models would be that the PA-HD1-HALL allows for positional feedback with the additional hall effect sensors built into the actuator.

High Load Capabilities

The stainless steel shaft accompanied by metal gears allows these actuators to push and pull up to 1574 lbs, and hold up to 2248 lbs. Similar to the PA-17 Heavy Duty Linear Actuators, both the PA-HD1 and PA-HD1-HALL also come with a built-in mechanical slip clutch for overload protection. For the full details on the force and speed ratings available in the different voltage options we offer, check out the PA-HD1 (and HALL) Data Sheet.pdf.

Voltage 12 VDC 24 VDC 12 VDC 24 VDC 12 VDC 24 VDC
Dynamic Force 450 lbs 450 lbs 899 lbs 899 lbs 1574 lbs 1574 lbs
Static Force 899 lbs 899 lbs 1574 lbs 1574 lbs 2248 lbs 2248 lbs
Speed - No Load 1.37 "/sec 1.37 "/sec 0.66 "/sec 0.66 "/sec 0.33 "/sec 0.33 "/sec
Speed - Full Load 1.11 "/sec 1.11 "/sec 0.55 "/sec 0.55 "/sec 0.27 "/sec 0.27 "/sec
Current - No Load 3.5 A 1.8 A 3.5 A 1.8 A 3.5 A 1.8 A
Current - Full Load 20.0 A 10.0 A 20.0 A 10.0 A 20.0 A 10.0 A


Outdoor Suitable Ratings

The IP65 ingress protection rating provides versatility for all our high load linear actuators to be capable of withstanding dust, exposure to water jets or splashes, and other harsh environments. Operational temperature ratings of -25°C to 65°C also allow for reliable operation in many winter conditions and hot desert climates.

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Stroke and Voltage Options

Stroke and voltage options scheme


For our PA-HD1, they can be selected to have either a 12 VDC brushed DC motor or a 24 VDC brushed DC motor depending on which input voltage you prefer to work with. The PA-HD1-HALL is only available off the shelf with 24 VDC motors but can be custom ordered for 12 VDC motors if needed. Stroke lengths for both PA-HD1 and PA-HD1-HALL can be selected from a range of 4" to 40" depending on the space restrictions of your application and how much of a travel distance you require from the actuator. Limit switches are non-adjustable for our PA-HD1 and PA-HD1-HALL, however, all stroke length options will come with the limit switches built-in for added safety to help prevent damage from over extending and over retracting.

Hall Effect Sensor Option for Positional Feedback

Hall Effect sensor option


If you require the specifications of a PA-HD1 base model but with additional hall effect sensor feedback, check out our Feedback High Load Linear Actuator model PA-HD1-HALL! Our PA-HD1-HS actuators come with hall effect sensors that can be used to read positional feedback information while the motors draw a high amount of current to handle heavy loads. Our compatible control systems and controllers can be used with the PA-HD1-HALL as long as they have the suitable current ratings to handle the motor. Due to the high current draw, relays and other components may be required for compatibility with other electronic components that have lower current ratings.

Voltage 24 VDC
Dynamic Force 1574 lbs
Static Force 2248 lbs
Speed - No Load 0.33 "/sec
Speed - Full Load 0.27 "/sec
Current - No Load 1.8 A
Current - Full Load 10.0 A


Our PA-HD1-HALL offers both high load capabilities and hall effect sensor feedback! 

Mounting Brackets

BRK-17 brackets


The BRK-17 brackets are designed for the high load linear actuators PA-HD1 and PA-HD1-HALL while allowing for a simple installation process. This bracket can be mounted on either the stroke or motor end and offers over 180° rotation which works great for applications where you will be pushing at an angle. For more detailed information and specifications, please see our mounting brackets product page.


Use Cases in Different Industries



Thanks to all the versatility and high performance capabilities of our high load linear actuators, they work very similarly to our PA-17 Heavy Duty Linear Actuators and can be useful in various applications and industries:

We have many success stories of customer projects that used our similar PA-17, and we are excited to see all the new possibilities our PA-HD1 and PA-HD1-HALL will bring in the future!

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Our high load linear actuators PA-HD1 and PA-HD1-HALL offer high performance capabilities, durable quality, and many popular versatile features found in our PA-17 while being an affordable off-the-shelf unit. The option for hall effect sensors is also available off the shelf for applications that require positional feedback.

We hope you found this as informative and interesting as we did, especially if you were interested in learning more about our new high load linear actuator with hall sensor options. If you have any queries or wish to discuss our products further, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are experts in what we do and will be happy to assist in any way we can.

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