Linear Actuators - Garage Door And Swing Gates

Linear Actuators - Garage Door And Swing Gates

Anna Sapiga
Anna Sapiga
PA Engineer

Linear actuators are mechanical devices that have proven beneficial in home automation and design. Many designers have used actuators in residential and industrial applications to make home and business life easier. Depending upon the force requirements of the project, heavy-duty actuators or mini actuators may be used.

Most projects related to garage door automation or swing gates will require the use of heavy duty actuators because of the frequency of use and the sheer weight of the doors and gates. Let’s determine how we can use actuators to automate and enhance the use of conveniences in our lives.

Linear Actuators and Garage Door Openers

Linear actuators may be used to improve the functionality of a garage door. The opening and closing of the door may be smoother and quieter than traditional garage door mechanisms. Whether the garage door is located at home or at a business, a linear actuator can help to improve the garage door experience.

For instance, a home garage door opening can generate significant vibration in a new construction home that may not be made of quality materials. To reduce the vibration created by the door opening, linear actuators may be used for a quieter and smoother experience. A handy person may even tackle the project independent of a professional.

Actuators are easy to install. Follow the instructions for each actuator and soon an upgraded garage door experience will be integrated into the home. The speed of the the devices is fast enough to enter the garage without significant wait times.

People who are ready to purchase an actuator should first determine the force requirements for the garage door. Mini actuators can handle forces up to 150 pounds. Standard devices can handle forces up to 400 pounds, and heavy duty actuators will handle forces up to 2000 pounds. Most garage door jobs will require more force than mini actuators or standard actuators can provide since the actuator has to support the entire weight of the door, and be able to stop and start at any point.

Linear Actuators and Swing Gates

Swing gates are often found at the entrance of homes or businesses. These gates often weigh 400 pounds or more because they are designed to withstand the elements. Gates must be able to withstand rain, sleet, snow, sun and high winds. Heavy gates are designed to withstand these elements. Since swing gates are heavy, most swing gates will require the use of heavy duty actuators. Mini actuators simply will not provide enough force to adequately and consistently open the gate every time without significant strain.

Heavy duty actuators are connected to a control unit that puts the gate into motion when the appropriate code or key card is swiped. Actuators can be discreet. Whether the devices are used with industrial gates or elaborately designed residential designs, a linear actuator can be placed discreetly on the gate to aid in the opening and closing of the gate.

Consider Purchasing A Linear Actuator for Your Next Project

If your next project involves swing gates or garage doors, mini actuators probably are not the best choice. Users should consider an actuator designed to withstand the weight of the swing gates or garage doors; depending on the application this could be a heavy-duty actuator or a standard linear actuator.