Meet the Team at Progressive Automations – Part Two

Meet the Team at Progressive Automations – Part Two

Nathan Bong
Nathan Bong
PA Engineer

As previously covered in Part One of our two-part article, our hardworking team takes pride in what we do while also making sure to have fun during and outside work! This blog is the Part Two continuation of our Meet the Team article in which we introduce you to the people behind Progressive Automations, so you can learn more about who we are and what we do! While getting to know us better, you may even get some new hobby ideas and inspirations for your DIY projects!


Operations Manager


Keith Bootle

Operations Manager

Keith focuses on making sure our service and products meet the needs of our customers from the very start of the supply chain to when it arrives at the customer’s door during final delivery.

“I really like working together with people and solving problems. At work, I get to enjoy the process of exploring new techniques of doing something better with greater efficiency while finding ways to collaborate and continually succeed in our customer expectations!”

Our PA-100 Solar Tracker Linear Actuator is his favorite actuator because bigger is better! Its UV Ray and Salt Exposure Certifications combined with having the highest static force rating of all our models at 10,000 lbs make this our most impressive actuator in terms of power and structural durability.

A cool project he works on and continues to build upon is implementing technology into our internal processes to eliminate and reduce errors while increasing the efficiency of how we operate as a company.

Keith loves playing all kinds of sports activities and enjoys going outdoors. Even two days without sweating will make him feel like he is missing something in his day. As a hobby, his top three favorite sports are hockey, squash, and basketball!

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Kaye Melanie Sereno


Kaye Melanie Sereno

Remote Technical Product Engineer

As our Remote Technical Product Engineer, Kaye assists our customers through technical support on how to use, operate, and choose electric actuators for their application. She’s also concentrating on broadening her understanding of our ever-expanding range of products in the Progressive family, particularly regarding their technical features.

“I enjoy reading and doing research on issues relating to linear motion since it helps me to better understand our products. I also have a passion for learning new things every day!”

The PA-04 is her favorite actuator because it has specifications that allows for versatility in various applications and has the ability to withstand harsh environments.

A cool project she worked on was an e-glove translator for sign language. For this, an Arduino Uno was connected to an Android application that she created to display the translation. Another one of her projects is a microcontroller-powered automated watering system for plants!

Kaye likes to cook, make art, walk around the neighborhood, catch up with friends, and go to the beach. She relishes taking her time and trying out new things. Anything that gives her the feeling that she has done something good and meaningful is a good time for her!

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Zuriel Gonzalez


Zuriel Gonzalez

Research & Development Manager

Zuriel is leading the Research and Development team, as they push the boundaries on home and industrial automation by researching emerging technologies, developing innovative products, and enhancing existing ones by incorporating the valuable customer feedback.

“I focus on developing products that provide our customers with exceptional quality at the best price. It is my hope that our products be accessible to as many people as possible to improve their everyday life. Automation is such a powerful tool. It increases efficiency, overcomes physical barriers, and improves comfort!”

His favorite actuator is the PA-01 Mini Linear Actuator for the simple reason that it is the most accessible actuator in terms of value and size. The possibilities are endless with this actuator, and it can be seen in all sorts of applications. From automated chicken coop doors to confidential NASA projects.

One of the most interesting projects he has worked on is developing an actuator for one of the largest automated solar farms in the USA! This was a few years ago when the solar industry was not as developed as it is now. It was an incredible experience being at the forefront of this environmentally conscious project that supplied clean energy and new jobs for countless people.

Zuriel enjoys doing all sorts of DIY projects as it is an excellent outlet for creative thinking and problem-solving, the same things that he enjoys most about his role in Progressive Automations. From car and bike tinkering to home automation, and home renovations. Everyday life presents opportunities for both small and big improvements and a little automation makes them more exciting.

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Sahar Nickzad


Sahar Nickzad

Product Marketing Manager

Sahar concentrates on understanding our customers' needs and introducing products that meet them through collaboration with the R&D and marketing teams. The end goal is to develop products that can be integrated seamlessly into a variety of industries, from automotive to medical, and beyond.

“As a product marketing manager at Progressive Automations, I have a passion for introducing innovative products that meet the needs of our customers. My job allows me to research market trends, gather customer insights, and launch products that make a difference in people's lives. I take pride in working with a team that is dedicated to excellence and committed to providing high-quality products.”

Her favorite actuator is the PA 100 Solar Actuator. This actuator is specifically designed for solar applications, a unique and powerful product capable of producing up to 3,300 lbs of force and resisting fierce outdoor environments.

A cool project that Sahar is planning to work on is installing smart blinds at her place. Smart blinds are a fantastic way to control natural light and temperature in a home or office space and she is excited to see the completed results!

Outside of work, Sahar enjoys hiking, traveling, and photography. Spending time in nature and exploring new places helps her to recharge and be more creative!

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Our team of experts is creative, energetic, and innovative, with years of experience and a huge passion for what we do. This love for our work and products means we’re not just reactive to customer needs – we constantly strive to develop our skills and knowledge of the industry, while having a bit of fun too!

Our company is growing at a huge pace – why not check out our careers page? You might find the perfect opportunity for yourself in our team.

We hope you enjoyed this article, especially if you were looking to meet our team and get to know us better! If you have any queries or wish to discuss our products further, please do not hesitate in reaching out to us! We are experts in what we do and will be happy to assist in any way we can. | 1-800-676-6123