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Photo of the hidden bar cabinet

Table Lift Automation Solutions

Adam Morissette
Adam Morissette
PA Engineer

As automation moves more and more jobs towards a computer, potential health risks are becoming a growing concern. Sitting for long periods of time is proven to negatively impact emotional and physical well-being. Using an automated table lift, users can negate the long term effects of sedentary life in both the workplace and at home.

The FLT-08 Dual Section Table Lift is a complete automation solution for individually controlled desks. Built with a secure 4 leg frame, each section of two legs can adjust the height of its own individual tabletop. Each side is accompanied by an interactive remote with up and down control as well as 4 preset positions for ease of use. Optimized for an office environment, the motors in each leg perform smoothly and quietly to ensure no disruption to the surrounding desk. A privacy wall can be added using the included wall mounts, or left empty for open office concepts. With a weight capacity of 220 lbs per table and 1.5”/s speed, this table lift can bring a new level of health and comfort to the user.

The FLT-09 120 Degree Lifting Table provides a unique solution for curved and angled desks. Incorporating 3 legs into the design, the frame provides full support of various tabletop sizes and shapes. Using the same Progressive Automations’ control technology as the 2 and 4 leg systems, the FLT-09 has an interactive remote control with 4 preset positions. It moves at a smooth speed of 1.5"/sec and is designed with a lifting capacity of 330 lbs. The unit can support various tabletop materials, as well as a desktop computer and other office essentials.

Photo of the custom bar cabinet

The FLT-10 Round Column Set provides an automation solution with a classic table leg appearance. Built with steel, the unit can support 350 lbs, ideal for office and work tables. The IP51 rating allows this unit to withstand dust ingress and falling droplets of water. Supporting the 120 VAC input voltage, this unit can be plugged into any outlet for a full plug and play system. Utilizing the Progressive Automations’ FLT Control System, the integrated wired remote has 4 preset memory locations with up and down control. Ideal to convert existing tables to fully automated desks, or choose a unique custom tabletop and mount the legs using the pre-drilled holes.

Both the FLT-08 and the FLT-09 support full steel tabletops allowing users to install them in many applications such as office spaces, and workbenches. Please keep in mind the weight capacity of these frames before pairing them with any tabletop!

Photo of the hidden bar cabinet

The FLT-10 along with our other single and dual column legs provides full customization for installation in custom cabinetry (like the custom bar cabinet in the above photos), modifications of workbenches, and much more.

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