A Closer Look at Our FLT-11 Lifting Column Set

A Closer Look at Our FLT-11 Lifting Column Set

Nathan Bong
Nathan Bong
PA Engineer
Manufacturers, innovators, DIY creators, ergonomists and more, are increasingly relying on linear motion technology for its smooth and vertical motion. With just a push of a button, you can effortlessly move heavy equipment up and down. Manufacturers are understanding the benefits of using this technology and are applying it to different products and applications. At Progressive Automations we carry a range of lifting column sets and the FLT-11 is one of our most popular lifting column sets.

It comes with one lifting column, power supply as well as wired and wireless remote-control options for an easy plug and play function. The features and applications one can use the FLT-11 are endless and in this blog, we will take you through a few of these.

Getting Started

Installation of the FLT-11 is made simple with the step-by-step instructions included in every purchase. Our FLT-11 lifting column set comes with:

  • 1x lifting column leg.
  • 1x control box.
  • 1x AC power cord.
  • 1x wired remote control.
  • 1x wireless remote control.

With the remotes that come in the lifting column set, you will have options to control for simple up/down motion. The control box can be powered by connecting it to the AC power cord and later connecting the power cord to a 120 VAC wall outlet.

Safety features

The FLT-11 features an anti-collision sensor to detect any obstructions along the path of travel. Once an obstruction is detected, the column will stop and rise slightly.

This column also comes with a built-in self-locking feature, where when left idle for 10 seconds, the column will lock and will be unresponsive to controls. Unlocking the lifting column would require the user to press and hold the DOWN button for approximately 5 seconds on either of the two remotes.

Internal overcurrent protection is another safety feature that comes with the FLT-11. When a current spike of 6.5A has been sensed, the lifting column will automatically stop to prevent any overloading errors from occurring.

The quiet operation of the FLT-11 would be useful if there are sleeping family members or roommates while the column is being utilized. Although it is quiet, it still has a force rating of 225 lbs.

The finished aluminum surface of the FLT-11 provides a sleek aesthetic look for a modern appearance while not compromising the durability of the product. Our confidence in the high level of reliability and quality is what makes us confident in providing a 5-year warranty on the FLT-11 lifting column set.

Dimensions and appearance

Lifting Column Set




Small and compact dimensions of the FLT-11 lifting column leg is only made possible with the telescoping design when extending and retracting. It has a height of 12 inches when fully retracted and 28.5 inches when fully extended. With 16.5 inches of stroke, this would mean the FLT-11 has a retracted length that is shorter than its own stroke length. All of our linear actuators are non-telescoping while a fair amount of our other lifting columns does not have a retracted length that is shorter than their stroke length. This would mean that the FLT-11 has one of the best ratios for stroke/retracted length we offer.



Lifting Columns for Furniture

Japanese style tables are usually lower in height when compared to most conventional dining tables, making the FLT-11 a viable option for adjusting the table height. We have had a customer design a large Hidden Japanese style table with the FLT-07. This table was suitable for an entire family, however, the FLT-11 would allow for a more compact table lift to accommodate 2 to 4 guests.

To summarize, the FLT-11 would be a great option to consider for applications requiring a one-leg lifting column that has a quiet operation and compact size. The FLT-11 also has the versatility to be controlled wired or wirelessly with the remotes that come in the set. If you require further assistance on the FLT-11, give us a call at 1-800-676-6123 or email us at sales@progressiveautomations.com.