ATX West 2020 Trade Show

ATX West 2020 Trade Show

Adam Morissette
Adam Morissette
PA Engineer

Progressive Automations just got back from the ATX West show. This trade show and conference are located at the Anaheim convention center in the beautiful and always sunny Anaheim, California – home of Disneyland.

The ATX West show is USA’s largest annual automation technology event which showcases motion control products, motors, and drives, sensors, and detectors, machine components.

Photo of two men at the ATX West show in USA

As a leading linear actuator manufacturing company, Progressive Automations plays a perfect role in the show. Our linear actuators fall into the category of motion control products, machine components, and material handling solutions. We had a chance to present our new IP69K/IP68M and corrosion-resistant linear actuator (PA-10), our new high force lifting columns (FLT-12), and micro-precision linear actuators (PA-12).

According to the organizers, “the industrial robotics market is tracking toward $71 billion by 2023…” – they then ask, “what does it look like for your specific field?”

We think that’s a great question.

At our company, we have seen a massive uptrend in the use cases of our actuators. We continue to see a large and steady increase in sales and dedicated clients. Progressive Automations has a front-line view of the upward trends of the industrial robotics market.

It was an absolute pleasure attending and being a part of the show.

Photo of four men communicating at the ATX West show in USA

Chatting with our long-standing clients and having in-person interaction is always a highlight of our time at shows – it’s great to see our products being successfully integrated into innovative and disruptive technologies. Getting to know our new clients, building even stronger bonds with our existing clients, and meeting companies that we are currently building partnerships with is what keeps us going!

We pride ourselves on bringing forward honest, understanding, and open-minded solutions to our clients and partnerships. Trade shows are a place that allows us to harbor these relationships while checking out new and sustainable technology that helps boost the automation, robotics, and manufacturing industries.

At Progressive Automations we do our best at reducing our carbon footprint and positively contributing to the sustainability of our home, planet Earth. Sustainability had a large focus as the ATX West show simultaneously ran alongside WestPack, MD&M West, Design & Mfg. Pacific, and PLASTEC West. These other shows focused on medical devices, packaging, and manufacturing automation.

We believe that sustainability is very important in these industries in order to secure a healthy future for every living organism and fully support sustainable manufacturing and packaging materials.

Great news! We will be back for the next ATX West show in Anaheim in 2021. We had an amazing time at the show and hope to see you there with us next year!