Guninder Malhi

PA Engineer
Certificates: WHMIS, OFA 1
An academic degree: B.A.Sc. in Mechatronic Systems Engineering
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I immigrated to Canada in 2013 for my bachelor's in mechatronics. During my time at the university, I started my professional career by doing my initial co-ops at the university. It helped me learn more about programming and its use in medical and agricultural devices. I went on to do a few additional co-ops to gain a deeper understanding of embedded systems. For my first job after graduation, I designed and fabricated a mechanical structure that housed cameras and lidars on a small remote vehicle to map and survey sewers. The structure could be raised and lowered with an actuator to adjust the overall height of the vehicle to fit sewer pipes of different sizes while still mapping every part of it. I started with PA in 2019 as a Product Engineer and have been promoted a few times. I currently manage the B2B engineering department in the company and work with the team to provide custom-tailored solutions to our clients.