Automated TV Lift Systems with Linear Actuators

TV Lift Systems With Linear Actuators

Gregory Kimbell
Gregory Kimbell
PA Engineer


Build your own tv lift system using linear actuators.  The project is easy to set up plus cost-effective.  You will need 1 or 2 actuators, gas springs, mounting brackets, guide rails, and wood materials. There is an option to set up the system using AC or DC power.  If AC power is used, you will need a PA-30 with an AC adapter or PA-20 control box.  This will allow you to control the system using wireless or wired hand remote.

If DC power is used you will need a 12V power supply and rocker switch to control the system. There are two different types of motorized TV lift systems you can build.  One system can bring the TV down from the ceiling and the other one can have your TV going up from the cabinet or similar furniture.  In recent years the TV lift systems have become very popular as people try to save space or just make their house look unique.  Building a TV lift system is a cheaper alternative than buying a fully-assembled system.


1 or 2 Linear Actuators (depending on the size of your TV). 

2 x Mounting Brackets (BRK-14), you will need 2 for each actuator.


PA-30 or PA-20 control box if AC power is required. 

Estimated Cost 

$ 450 without the control box. 

$ 635 with a control box. 

Want to see how a TV Lift system works? Check out the video below:

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