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The Top Four Easy Automation Projects

The Top Four Easy Automation Projects

Gregory Kimbell
Gregory Kimbell
PA Engineer
Life is hard. Nobody needs to be told (or reminded, really) just how hard it is. The goal is to make it a bit easier. The automation projects we provide you with here will hopefully do just that – make your life easier. That doesn’t mean that only when everything is installed, your life becomes easier. Installation should be an easy process, too.

Here are our top four picks.

The Automated Recliner

Hours Needed: 1
Components Needed: 1 actuator, 2 mounting brackets, 1 control system.
Total Cost: Under $400

Have an old, manual-reclining chair that you wish you could upgrade? Installing an automated system in a recliner is one of the easiest jobs to perform. The job can take less than an hour, and even less if you have just a little experience. It’s as simple as mounting a single linear motor to the chair and the footrest. Wire up your control system with positive and negative power, and you’re good to go.

Automated Television

Hours Needed: 1 or 2
Components Needed: 1 actuator, 2 mounting brackets, 1 control system
Total Cost: Under $400

You have many options when it comes to an automated television. The easiest automated installation is height control. This helps your viewing experience to be more ergonomic by adjusting the TV lift to the proper height for you – or the entire family. Height control is simply a matter of mounting the actuator properly, wiring the control system and sitting back to watch the action.

On the more complex end of the spectrum, the devices can also be used for tilt control. This will take more time, cash and effort, but you’ll be satisfied with the results.

For a motorized TV lift example, check out this customer submitted video below!

2. An Automated Bed

Hours Needed: 1 or 2
Components Needed: 1 actuator, 2 mounting brackets, 1 control system, and other parts.
Total Cost: Varies

An automated, ergonomic bed can make your relaxation experience better and healthier. This project is a bit more complex than the previous ones, but it can be completed in short order with a bit of elbow grease.

If you have the actuator, mounting brackets and control system, all you’ll need is a flat platform on which to mount the actuator for the lift. You’ll want be sure you get a product and a platform that can support the weight being put on it.

1. Automated Doors

Hours Needed: 1

Total Cost: Under $400

Components Needed: 1 linear actuator, 2 mounting brackets, 1 control system

You can easily automated virtually any door in your home with actuators. Cabinet doors, drawers and cupboards can be automated to create a futuristic, easy-to-use experience. Automated your cabinet doors to reveal your television or just to simply impress the company.

Check out this video for a customer who has automated massive doors to his basement.

All you need is the actuator, the mounting brackets and the control system to create the automation.

If you need help installing any of these, give us a call or email us. We can help with selection and walk you through the process of installation.


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