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Projector with Azimuth Rotation for Free Fall Technologies

Adam Morissette
Adam Morissette
PA Engineer

One of our talented customers from Free Fall Technologies was nice enough to share his custom project with us, built with the help of our products. Free Fall Technologies is a planetarium education company that specializes in making interesting and educational technical systems for the field.  The project is a custom planetarium projector lift that utilizes our FLT-03-2-1 Lifting Column set to raise itself up and down. This is the fourth projector lift project he has created using our products and we can't wait to see what other applications he'll build in the future.

He builds these creative planetarium applications for his own customers, using our products to produce such reliable and smooth lifting systems. For this project, one of his customers asked for the planetarium to have azimuth rotation capabilities, which basically means that any section of the planetarium will be able to be rotated and positioned in front of the audience.

He was able to do this by installing a rotation bearing between the lift top and the base of the projector. Take a look at the video below to see the application in action.

We are always looking to share cool customer projects like these that use our products. If you'd like to share a project or application with us, just contact us and we can start discussing the details. Depending on the materials you share with us, you may even qualify for one of our sponsorship's, which you can learn more about here.

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