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Another Jaw-Dropping Automation Projection by Dr. Decks, Plus an Interview!

Adam Morissette
Adam Morissette
PA Engineer

Here is the latest installment in our round of Dr. Decks' automation projects. The talented builder has been featured in a number of notable news sources and is the recipient of award after award for his innovative projects.

We had the opportunity to not only ask Dr. Decks a few questions about his earlier Phantom Bench project, but we also have a video of his brand new Phantom Staircase project to present.

PA: What inspired you to create this automated deck?

JR: I decided to try to develop a unique line of disappearing deck furniture and accessories to compliment the artistic side of what I'm doing in the world of deck board bending.

PA: What kind of wood are you using for the bench project?

JR: Progressive Automations gave me the opportunity to be able to create a unique concept in the world of outdoor living by donating a set of their table legs that rise up 16". I took these beautiful aluminum works of art and immediately started cutting the floor of my brand new trade show deck to create the crown jewel in my display, The Phantom Bench.

The bench is created with a pressure treated plywood base, covered with an asphalt-based waterproof membrane, then covered with a PVC decking product made by Azek Building Products

PA: For the automation, why did you choose the dual table lift set?

JR: I chose the two leg table set because I wanted to use them as a short table (bench) setting. It is powered by a 110v control box with a wired control that can adjust the height of the bench by 2mm increments. The legs are beefy and clean-looking, as well as have a contemporary, minimalist look to them.

PA: If someone wants to find out more about you and your Phantom line of products, how can they get a hold of you?

JR: For more information, please contact Jason Russell at 253.377.DECK (3325) or visit one of our websites at www.dr.decks.com or www.therebelcarpenter.com.

The Latest Project: The Phantom Staircase


Once again, thanks to Calvin Russell for the video creation!