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Wireless Control for Linear Actuators

Wireless Control for Linear Actuators

Gregory Kimbell
Gregory Kimbell
PA Engineer
As our inventory of linear actuator control boxes continues to grow, our FLTCON control box series is popular for synchronous control over our FLT table lifts, lifting columns, and 24VDC linear actuators with Hall Effect Sensors. Paired together with a built-in AC power supply, this plug-n-play system allows for an easy setup for any application. With the RT-14 and receiver integration, the FLT control box series can now be wireless!

RT-14 Wireless Actuator Control Box

The RT-14 comes with an easy to use handset remote, a receiver for the linear actuator control box, and hardware to secure the receiver. Setting up the wireless FLT system is as easy as ever.  After securing each lifting column and power cable to the control box, the RT-14 receiver plugs straight in. All that's left is to sync the remote to the receiver. As for all of our synchronized control boxes, a reset procedure is required before operation.

This system now allows wireless synchronized movement for up to 4x actuators!

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