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Progressive Automations: New Product Releases August 2020

Orlaith Morris
Orlaith Morris
PA Engineer

We are extremely proud of our engineering team here in Progressive Automations. Not only are they helpful and informative with our customers, they are also extremely innovative in brainstorming and designing new features, products, enhancements, and upgrades. See below our new products and product features, as of August 2020.

The new PA-CB1 plug-and-play control box

New 12/24VDC Control Box

The new PA-CB1 plug-and-play control box was designed to facilitate up to 4 actuators on a single remote. Our newest control box comes with a detachable wire lock to prevent wire disconnections, 4x AC-06-2 actuator cables, an AC adapter, and a large hand remote complete with a coiled cable and a handle that helps provides a secure grip as well as keeping the cable well organize. As it has an AC input voltage, you will not need an additional power supply for your 12/24 VDC linear actuators.

AC-06 wire adapter for the PA-CB1 control box

AC-06 Wire Adapter for the PA-CB1 Control Box

The AC-06 is an extension wire designed to be compatible with our PA-CB1 control box. This wire extender will add an extra 2 feet of wire length!

New desk frame colors

New Desk Frame Colors

Our range of colors for our dual section desk frame, the FLT-08, has expanded! Alongside our original grey color, we now also have black and white versions, giving you a wider span of colors to match your application. This table lift set is a four-leg lifting system, with individual controls for each pair of legs. It gives you everything you need for your workstation and can be paired with your choice of tabletop should you require it.

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