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Kitchen Automation Powered by Linear Actuators

Kitchen Automation Powered by Linear Actuators

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Guest Writer
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While thinking about the automation, the cornerstone idea to do “almost everything” seamlessly and effortlessly comes to mind first. Imagine a situation where everything is voice-controlled, motion-controlled, or button controlled. Sounds excellent, right? Automated garage doors have become rather common over the past decade for any household so they don't surprise anyone. In the home automation industry, during the past decade, there were many more surprising discoveries. Modern kitchens may be equipped with automated drop-down TV systems or hoods, adjustable tables, and automated shelvings, the home automation industry is growing, and more and more people are moving towards DIY projects within their home.

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Modern Kitchen Designs with Actuators

If automation is on your mind, then it’s time to welcome linear actuators into your homes. Actuators are wonderful devices that can produce and operate without any linkages. Linear actuators can do wonders when it comes to lifting, positioning and even transporting applications within the house. If we are limiting the use of actuators to the kitchens, then you can expect automation using the manual as well as automatic modes, especially using remotes and buttons.

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Automatic Trolleys

Actuator trolleys are essential; simply put, they can provide you the ease of access to handle your dishes and bowls. Given this comfort, you can stack up all your utensils, without any cabinets. The actuator can be installed at the beginning of the trolley, which helps the rack come forward. Washed dishes dry out quickly, as they are vertically placed inside the trolley. Couple this up with wheels and rails, and watch your trolley transform into a device of the future. A must-have mechanism, if you want to simplify the washing procedure within your kitchen.

Adjustable Kitchen Cabinets

Believe it or not, but linear actuators and cabinets go very well together. Wall cabinets widely use linear actuators and can be used extensively to store spices and condiments. Imagine having everything in one place, without having to rush from pillar to post, looking for the right ingredients to prepare your daily meals. By installing a 12V linear actuator, on the main rack of the cabinet, you can create a gateway to access the interiors of the cabinets. This way, you can ensure your rack is airtight and create a ton of locking features for use in the bargain.

Another version of makeshift cabinets can be seen in the form of a spice rack, which can slide into your worktop using miniature actuators. If saving space is your need of the hour, you will simply love the idea of an automated spice rack.

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Adjustable Side Table

What would you say if someone told you can automate dinner tables, making dinner time economical and user-friendly? One can install linear actuators to enhance the rotating options on the dining table, to save space and create excellent options. By using actuators, one can increase or decrease the height of the dining table. Actuators can be installed in the base of the table, which works as a base for the entire table’s automation functioning.

Adjustable worktops

Kitchen Automation Powered by Linear Actuators 3

Keeping in mind the emerging trends of merging modern age kitchens within living rooms, there is an immediate need for families to spend time together. What can be better than letting families spend time together eating and working together, by incorporating adjustable worktops in an open kitchen? This way, you can retain an excellent designing freedom within your kitchen, thereby helping you install easy to integrate systems within your kitchen’s working space. Such adjustable worktops can be used as workspaces or even cooking tops, as the need might be. When families get extra support to work and eat together, there is always a lot of options to modernize the modern kitchens using actuators.

Linear actuators and motion-controlled devices are becoming the technology of the future. Even though actuators are not from the robotics fraternity, they are extensively being used around modern homes to add a new advantage to furniture.

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