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Empowering engineers and fostering innovation, the Progressive Engineering Club is a vibrant community for all progressive-minded engineering enthusiasts and students. Connect, collaborate, and make a bigger impact in the engineering world.

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What projects have we participated in?

  • Partnerships with BCIT Clubs (IEEE BCIT and BCIT
    Robotics Club)
  • Local events around Vancouver (RC Classic, Industry
    Nights/Panel Presentations, IEEE Gala, Engineering Project Expo)
  • Project on Corporate Social Responsibility aimed at
    promoting inclusivity and accessibility in public spaces.


We created the Progressive Engineering Club to empower engineers, foster innovation, and make a bigger impact in the engineering world. It's a special community open to all progressive-minded
engineering enthusiasts and students.


Clubs are awesome for creating a collaborative environment
for engineering students who are super enthusiastic. It's a
place where you can learn, practice, chat, and work on
engineering projects together. You can also share your skills
and experiences.

Progressive Engineering Club. Our Mission

We believe in every student's potential and are dedicated to providing a
supportive environment where you can:

  • Enhance your skills through project collaborations and partnership-related activities.
  • Gain insights from industry experts, including our engineers and guest speakers.
  • Foster connections with fellow students and professionals.
  • Participate in discussions on engineering topics tailored to your interests.
  • Share project ideas and receive support for their implementation.

    Stay connected with us:
  • Online communications: Join our forums and stay in communication with us! We are open to partnerships with any organization interested in bringing about positive societal changes.
  • Offline events: Network with us and fellow enthusiasts in person at local engineering events in Vancouver, Canada.

    We are committed to being flexible and will work with you to schedule events at your convenience.
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What Do We Offer?

Connect and network with industry experts, professionals, students, and our team as a resource for school advice, industry insights, and professional experience.

Receive early updates on scholarship applications ($2500 CAD/ $1800 USD).

Sponsorship opportunities:
Boost your chances of getting product sponsorships for electric actuators and controllers for school projects.

Students can use collaboration projects with Progressive Automations as a professional reference for future opportunities after graduation.

Shoutouts: We can promote your school, ideas, projects, etc. on our website and social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram,
Youtube, LinkedIn, etc.).

Our Expectations

Students' projects can be featured on our social media and blogs to demonstrate how our products are used in real-world applications.

We can connect and understand our audience better by learning about their preferences, user feedback, and potential collaboration opportunities.

Enables our company to fulfill our mission of making a positive impact on the community and supporting young students.

We have the opportunity to increase general community awareness about our brands and establish Progressive as a well-known name among engineering enthusiasts and students.

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Zuriel Gonzalez

R&D Manager

Nathan Bong

Engineer & Content Creator

Stanfield Chui

R&D Engineer

Mariia Goza

Community Marketing & Engagement Specialist

Natasha Borysko

Technical Content Copywriter

Natali Paliukh

Social Media Specialist