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Introducing Our New Pa-39 Control Box

Introducing Our New Pa-39 Control Box

Guest Writer
Guest Writer
PA Engineer

We are dedicated to constantly improving our products and making our customer's lives easier. The creation of the PA-39 reflects that linear motion control could reach higher results.

The PA-39 is one of our newest products here at Progressive Automations and was designed to better serve our loyal customer base. It was created to finally give a control box option specifically for our potentiometer actuator models (POT).

Photo of synch control box PA-39 by Progressive Automations on white background

Previously when you wanted a control box with one of our POT models you would be forced to purchase a programmable logic controller from a separate company. Now everything you need is right here


  • Synchronized Actuator Movement - Controls not one, but TWO potentiometer actuators simultaneously or in sequence.

  • Three Separate Presets - The ability to set up to 3 different recordable preset slots, perfect for multiple functions.

  • Protection Class IP-51 - One of our few control boxes with an IP rating of 51, protecting against dust and water.

  • Input and Output voltage of 12 VDC with a current of 15A.

  • Simple and Compact – Easy installation, comes with everything needed for operation, fits almost anywhere.

  • Remote Mounting – includes double-sided tape to mount the remote to any surface as well as mounting bolts for a more secure option.

The PA-39 is ideal for a number of projects. If you need sequence movement, the PA-39 is up to the task. Use the PA-39 for robotics, industry, furniture automation, marine, automotive, and any other project. For more information on the PA-39 Control Box, visit our product page. Call us and speak with one of our engineers to answer all your questions.

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